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Capturing Safety 360°

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Capturing Safety 360°

Capturing Safety
360° 360° 360° 360° 360° 360°

Welcome to Emergency Fleet Safety Australia. Through vehicle specific warning products, providing a safe and cost effective solution

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Emergency Fleet Safety Australia Products

Emergency Vehicle Lights, Warning Safety LED products which increase your safety, improve visibility & add efficiency

LED Light Bar
Car Light Camera
Hard Hat DVR Recorder
UHF Radio
Capturing Safety 360 Degrees at Emergency Fleet Safety Australia

Who is Emergency Fleet Safety Australia?

Emergency Fleet Safety Australia is a new company with a strong commitment
to help provide Improved Safety around your workplace. Capturing safety 360 degrees with Emergency Vehicle Lights in Australia & Workplace warning lights.
Help you stay safe and get home safely every day, every night, every time.

Capturing Safety 360 Degrees at Emergency Fleet Safety Australia

Why Emergency Fleet Safety Australia?

We have an extensive understanding of the typical workplace.We understand hazards and have solutions to improve those situations. We know that early warning is critical to visibility of hazardous environments.We appreciate efficiency and cost effectiveness for all customers. We understand simplicity and commitment is essential to any relationship.

Working in a hazardous environment vehicle warning lights provide the edge of safety in alerting the public around.


Vehicle specific warning lights provide the necessary visibility for your surroundings adding 360 degrees of Safety.


Achieve efficiency through cost effective solutions to your hazardous environment

Emergency Fleet Safety Australia Brochure

Keep up to date with Emergency Fleet Safety Australia via latest sales & NEW Products, email for latest brochure.

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How can we help you achieve 360 degrees of Safety?

Please call us on 0473 548 853.

Or email us for a prompt friendly reply. 

We are located at: Unit 40 / 12 Homepride Ave, Warwick Farm. NSW. 2170 

About Us
EFSA is a customer focused organisation, aiming to provide safe and cost effective solutions to hazardous workplace surroundings, through vehicle specific safety warning equipment and Quality Installation services
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indigenous  Emergency Fleet Safety Australia acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we meet and work
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